Our Team

Dale Talarico
Vetro Architectural Glass and Aluminium

Dale is the proprietor of Vetro, with 35 years of practical experience in the commercial glass and aluminium industry. Dale is fully qualified and experienced to guide you throughout your construction. With a long history of completing hundreds of commercial projects, Dale will assist in implementing your design to fit your requirements, whether it's a small-scale shop fit-out to larger-scale commercial projects. Vetros clients include Woolworths Petrol Plus, KFC, Mc Donalds, Restaurants, Retail stores, office spaces, Impressive Architecturally designed foyers, exterior building facades and awnings, canopies, luxury conservatories large-scale art installations. All Vetros projects take high precedence and are completed with thorough care and excellence. Vetro welcomes repeat business.

Brent Talarico
Estimator / Project Coordinator
Vetro Architectural Glass and Aluminium

Brent has over ten years of experience as a qualified estimator and Project Co-ordinator. Brent uses the latest computer technology to design your project maximising quality and being able to design the best cost-effective project for you. Brent is highly experienced to facilitate both on and off-site construction, shop-fitting, joinery and project estimation. Your project will be designed by Brent to meet your budget and on-site management presence to ensure your build runs efficiently and to schedule.

Give Brent a call - we welcome your enquiry.
Gary Fleming

Fabricator / Installer

Gary leads the Vetro team as head fabricator and Installer. His reliable knowledge and hands-on experience will ensure your project will be professionally installed quickly and efficiently.
Our team at Vetro welcome all enquiry whether you are considering a small or larger scaled venture. We welcome the opportunity to consult and construct your project while establishing a successful on-going business partnership.